WW has opened its first ever retail store, with many more to come. 

WW 7 years since its creation has moved into the retail market, bringing straight to consumers the full WW experience. “What we want to achieve are three simple things, comfort, simplicity and excitement in the buying experience. Make buying for your bathroom enjoyable, not like how it is today” said A. Salimi the co founder of the brand. “Your home in all aspects is the focal point of your life, it portrays your character, your style and your taste, why should we not give it the same importance to how we present or show our products? Keep it cluster free, keep it simple, keep it clean make it easy for everybody” he added.

WW was founded in 2008, a Spanish company with an ambitious plan of expansion, opening its first ever store in Miami, United States, with two more on its way in South Florida and aiming for 15 locations within the next 5 years, continuing its growth into key cities across Europe.

 “Not only do we want to make the buying experience enjoyable in a pleasant environment, but by being the manufacturer and also retailer means that we get to show our products how it should be displayed, we get to set the buying experience for you, create the WW experience from the perfumed air to the music. WW is not only about the faucet or sink, it’s about everything, the passion, the love, the perfection, the want to make the bathroom the sanctuary it is, it’s a place of escape, it’s a place of privacy, a place of relaxation, a place where you go to forget or want to create” after all WW was imagined in the bathroom.